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Insect Control

If left unchecked, turf insects such as chinch bugs, sod webworms, and cutworms can cause considerable damage to your lawn. P&G Landscaping LLC surface insect control begins with the identification of the insect causing damage to the lawn. Because some insects can only be controlled at certain times during their lifecycles, P&G Landscaping LLC professionals are trained to identify the insect responsible for the damage, the specific life cycle of that insect and the exact level of infestation. This knowledge is parlayed into a customized program that is applied only when and where needed by licensed, trained personnel.


Applications may be necessary when damage history is apparent and/or threshold infestations have threatened the overall health of the lawn. After watering in treatment, people and pets may play on the lawn after 24 hours or when dry.

 About Safe Control of Lawn Insects

The struggle between humans and insects began with the dawn of time - and will continue as long as humans and insects want the same thing (for instance, your lawn!) at the same time.


An Essential Step: Diagnosis

Insect control begins once the early signs of injury or significant numbers of insects are observed. Since some insects can only be controlled at certain times during their life cycles, it is essential to know:


  the insect responsible

  the life cycle of that insect

  the level of infestation

P&G Landscaping LLC employees are carefully trained to diagnose insect damage in your lawn.


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